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Oklahoma ABLE Tech
Device Demonstration and Device Loan Program

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Oklahoma ABLE Tech and its statewide partners operate an assistive technology (AT) device demonstration center and short-term loan program to increase access to and utilization of AT for individuals with disabilities. The program is available to Oklahoma residents with disabilities, their family members, and the professionals that support them.

Demonstrations give individuals the ability to see, touch, and try AT to help them in the decision-making process by providing:

  • Hands-on exploration of devices
  • Information on the latest technology
  • Low-tech solutions and adaptations
  • Vendor sources

The short-term loan program provides individuals the opportunity to borrow AT to:

  • Make an informed decision before purchase
  • Ensure compatibility between the device and user
  • Have back-up equipment while waiting for repair
  • Have a device while waiting for new equipment

The equipment inventory offers a wide range of AT, including devices and equipment for: speech communication, computer access, hearing, vision, daily living, environmental adaptations, learning/development, recreation, mobility, seating and positioning. ABLE Tech staff also provides guidance on funding resources for AT equipment.

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How Do I Borrow a Device?

ABLE Tech's short-term device loan program is available to any Oklahoma resident. Loan duration is up to six weeks and is easy-to-use and free.

To borrow a device, search our online inventory and submit your request online or download the PDF version and send to ABLE Tech by mail, fax, or email. You may also call us and we will send the request form to you.

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